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and The All Star Hired Guns

Stepping on board with Beat Bad Records in 1981, singer-songwriter Dwight Hobbes recorded "Atlanta Children", a folk-rock lament for the serial killing of Georgia youth. Label founders Barry Knoedl and Bill Kern produced with Kern playing drums. "Barry and Bill knew what a track called for", says Hobbes. "It was a Byrds-like kind of song. Sure, enough Bill laid down a Michael Clarke feel. Between him and Barry, they came up with the right sound."

It has, to say the least, been a while, but, Hobbes returns to Beat Bad. As Dwight Hobbes & The All-Star Hired Guns featuring Alicia Wiley, releasing the singles "End It All Over Again" and "Lady Midnight". Both songs are from the forthcoming EP Angels Don't Really Fly.

Both of these songs may be downloaded from cdbaby.com for $0.99 each. Click on the links below.

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End It All Over Again

Lady Midnight




Dwight Hobbes - vocal
Alicia Wiley vocal - piano
Yohannes Tona bass - piano
Jeff "Boday" Christensen - guitar
Stan Kipper - timbales, vocal
Chico Perez - congas
Aaron "Orange A.C." Cosgrove - guitar


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