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Catalog #BB 107


1976 - 1978



Bill Kern & Barry Knoedl began recording original songs together in a studio Barry had set up in the basement of his father's TV repair shop. They made a dozen or so crude demos using multiple 2-track tape recorders. This method allowed them to experiment with arranging and producing their songs, but due to bouncing the tracks so many times, the quality of the recordings was very poor. In 1976, Bill & Barry set up a 4-track studio. They began recording almost every song they wrote.

In 1978, Ralph Mori began coming to the sessions to help out running the equipment. Ralph had some experience as a recording engineer, and his presence in the control room made it easier for Barry, who usually ran the controls, to focus on playing his instrument or singing, without having to engineer the session at the same time. Ralph became a very gifted engineer, and it is his talent that made much of this collection possible. Although Bill and Barry were the creative forces, Ralph's contributions cannot be denied. His honest, and often blunt feedback, helped Bill and Barry hone their composing and production style, and his skill as a recording balance engineer was invaluable.  The first six volumes of this collection were recorded on a 4-track reel to reel.  Multiple instruments and voices had to be recorded on a single track, yet the quality of many of these recordings surpasses that of many 8-track studios of the day. Barry was always cosidered the chief engineer, but Ralph was usually at the controls.

HELLO is the first volume of Bill and Barry recordings, spanning from 1976 to 1978. In these earliest recordings we think you will hear the distinct styles of each of these composers. But as you listen to each successive song in chronological order you will hear them influence each other until their writing styles blend together seamlessly. All of the 4-track recordings are in strict chronological order according to their start date, with 3 exceptions. "Baby Don't Give Up" begins the collection because it was the first completed 4-track recording. "Hello" is actually the oldest recording. The piano and drum track were recorded on Barry's 2 track recorder in 1975. This tape was brought to TIKI, where bass and vocals were added. This song is third in the collection because the song was revisited after Bill & Barry began working in their own 4-track studio (KNO Studio), where Ray Knoedl's guitar was added. "Stereo Blues" was begun soon after the re-recording of the drums and bass track of "Baby Don't Give Up," but was left unfinished for many years.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present the entire Bill & Barry collection, digitally remixed.





Baby Don't Give Up (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Stereo Blues (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Hello (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Don't Tell Me To Behave Myself (Kern) Add to Cart
It Makes Me Want To Cry (Kern) Add to Cart
Help Me Please (Kern) Add to Cart
Radio In USA (Kern) Add to Cart
I Just Want To Make You Happy (Knoedl) Add to Cart
She's Alright (Kern) Add to Cart
Don't You Wonder Why (Kern) Add to Cart
Now And Forever '78 (Knoedl) Add to Cart
You're Not Coming Home (Kern) Add to Cart


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Barry Knoedl - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, & Percussion

Bill Kern - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, & Percussion

Produced by Barry & Bill

Additional Musicians
Ray Knoedl - Lead Guitars
Joe Schillace - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Wayne Avers - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Fred Guarino - Lead Guitar
John Dorian - Acoustic Guitar
Kevin Scott - Drums
Bobby D'Ambrosio - Backing Vocals
Paul Mendoza - Backing Vocals

Engineered & Mixed by Barry Knoedl
Additional Engineers
Fred Guarino (tracks 1 & 3)
Ralph Mori (track 10)
Recorded & Mixed at Kno Studio, Patchogue, NY; Medford, NY; Tyler TX

Copyright 2013 Beat Bad Records

All songs Big Baad Jams - BMI


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