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Catalog #BB 118


2001 - 2006



In 2001, Bill & Barry began using a computer digital audio recording program. The songs in this volume were recorded between 2001 and 2005. The last recording session with both Bill & Barry was just a few months before Bill's death, December 28, 2005.

One song, "Please Come To Me" is little odd to be included in this collection since it was recorded entirely in 2013, but there is a story behind this song. This is one of the songs recorded as a demo by Bill & Barry in 1975. Although Bill is not credited as a writer on the song there are one or two lines of lyric contributed by Bill to complete the song when it was being recorded. The arrangement is pretty much the way it was done in 1975.

The last song on this album, "Harmony," was written by Barry, just days after Bill's death, and sung at his funeral. The song, like many of Barry's songs is a reflection of his emotions at that time, knowing that there would be no more recording sessions with his musical partner of 32 years. It was a tragic end to a musical partnership that had made a little noise in the indy music world in the late 70's and early 80's, and a lot of music that was never heard over the next 25 years. Now it can be heard.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present the entire Bill & Barry collection, digitally remixed.





Gravity (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Can't Let Go '03 (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Can't Find The Words (Kern) Add to Cart
Aggression (Knoedl) Add to Cart
The Time That Used To Belong To Me (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Why Can't You Understand (Knoedl) Add to Cart
I'll Still Be In Love (Kern) Add to Cart
Pleaase Come To Me (Knoedl) Add to Cart
Something New (Knoedl) Add to Cart
I've Been Up (Kern) Add to Cart
With All Of My Might (Knoedl) Add to Cart
You Were The One (Kern) Add to Cart
Harmony (Knoedl) Add to Cart


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Barry Knoedl - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, & Drum Sequences

Bill Kern - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, & Drum Sequences

Produced by Barry & Bill

Additional Musicians
Ray Knoedl - Lead Guitars

Engineered & Mixed by Barry Knoedl

Recorded & Mixed at Kno Studio, Patchogue, NY; Medford, NY; Tyler TX

Copyright 2013 Beat Bad Records

All songs Big Baad Jams - BMI


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