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In 1976, Bill Kern and Barry Knoedl began recording their own versions of the famed Songs that Lennon & McCartney gave away.  Many of these songs had been recorded by groups whose sound was very different from that of The Beatles.  What Bill and Barry attempted to do was recreate the raw energy of the early Beatles recordings.  In 1978, they began working more seriously on this project.  Bill had a Dutch import of The Strangers with Mike Shannon's recording of One and One Is Two, which they felt was a very unflattering version of what could be a great rock & roll tune in the spirit of I Saw Her Standing There.  Barry had a piano score for Tip Of My Tongue from a Hal Leonard Easy Piano edition of a Lennon McCartney Song Book.  They knew, as most hard-core Beatles fans do, that these were two of the most obscure songs from the Lennon/McCartney catalog.  On the way to the studio, Bill bought a harmonica, thinking it would be effective on one of the songs because The Beatles used harmonica on many of their early recordings.  They also invited John Sheridan to play drums for the session.  John had been in a band with Bill a few years earlier, and was also an avid Beatles fan who, unlike most drummers at the time, admired and respected Ringo's drumming, and knew many of his drumming nuances.  The results of this session were so good, that Bill and Barry felt compelled to release these two songs as a single, knowing that they would be the first U.S. releases of both of these songs.  This was confirmed when we applied for a mechanical license from ATV/MACLEN Music, The Beatles' U.S. publisher at the time, to release the songs.  The librarian at ATV asked how we even knew these songs existed.  Although they had a file on both songs, they were completely blank, meaning there were no prior requests for licenses.  We approached Jim Antonucci (Nippo), owner of Death Records (the label that released Barry's solo single, Baby Don't Give Up), but he turned it down.



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