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MARCH 4, 1950 - DECEMBER 28, 2005





Bill Kern was a passionate musician, and a gifted songwriter.  He began writing songs at 13 years old, and continued writing throughout his entire life.  Bill could write songs about anything and everything - from tender love ballads and catchy pop tunes, to punk and hard rock songs.  Bill liked all styles of music, but his favorite artist was The Beatles.  Bill caught Beatles fever on February 9, 1964, when The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan show for the first time, and never recovered.  His Beatles collection was legendary.  He had every Beatles release in it's original issue, and almost every re-issue variation.  He also had a vast collection of Beatles related records, including songs they wrote for other artists, records they produced for other artists, and records they appeared on - credited or uncredited.  He had the most complete collection of Apple records in the world.  His rarest and most prized item from the Apple label was Hare Krishna Mantra by Radha Krishna Temple (if this link brings you to a blank page, you may use the url "http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/kirkland/266/apple/1810ps.jpg").  Bill was introduced to Barry Knoedl in January of 1974 by a mutual friend because of their mutual interest in The Beatles.  It didn't take long in that first meeting to realize that they had more in common than impressive collections of Beatles records.  In that first meeting, Barry played a tape of songs he had written and played all the instruments.  Bill's excitement couldn't be contained.  He had a tape of songs he had written and played all the instruments.  In that first meeting in January, 1974, a partnership was formed that lasted 32 years, until Bill's death in 2005.  


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