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When Bill and Barry were ready to release Tip of My Tongue and One And One Is Two, it occurred to them that they needed a group name.  They tossed a lot of names around, keeping in mind that The Beatles chose their name because of its double meaning.  They tried a lot of names with the word BEAT in them.  It suddenly occurred to them that Beat Bad Records had the word BEAT in it.  Almost simultaneously they both said, "turn it around - The Badbeats!"  

 It was decided early on to shroud the group in mystery.  None of the band members names appeared on the record, picture sleeve, or any of the promotional material accompanying the release.  Bill and Barry were credited as producers, and represented the group in the few interviews given after the release.  Even the picture on the sleeve, done in the style of Meet The Beatles (With The Beatles), obscured their faces.  Ray Knoedl, Barry's older brother was included in the picture even though he does not perform on the record, although his appearance was almost prophetic, as he performed on many of Bill and Barry's later recordings, including Tell Her No and Lies, The Badbeats' second single.  When it came time to design a label for the record, everyone felt it would be a nice touch if we could recreate the early 1960's Capitol Records label, which every long time Beatles fan would recognize. 

Tip Of My Tongue - Bill Kern on guitar & harmonica and lead vocals; Barry Knoedl on bass & fender rhodes, and vocals; John Sheridan on drums & lead guitar.
One & One Is Two - Bill Kern on bass & lead guitar, and vocals; Barry Knoedl on rhythm guitar and lead vocals; John Sheridan on drums.



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