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In 1976, Barry and Bill decided to try to recreate The Beatles sound on many of the songs that The Beatles had written, but never recorded.  They had heard several of these songs by other artists, but never felt that they sounded as they would have had The Beatles recorded them themselves.  They attempted two songs, but they didn't quite achieve the sound they wanted. 

In the summer of 1976, Barry was asked to play bass and sing backup on a recording session for Fred Guarino, who was setting up a recording studio for business.  During the session Barry asked if he could record one of his own songs.  Fred agreed, and Baby Don't Give Up was recorded with Fred Guarino on lead guitar, and Wayne Avers on rhythm guitar.  Wayne also helped with the background vocals along with Bobby D'Ambrosio.  A new sound was born. Bill listened to the tape with mixed feelings.  He was knocked out by the production, but he was disappointed that he had not been part of the recording.  That problem was soon solved.  The recording was great, but the drums were thin sounding, and the playing seemed out of place on the song.  Taking the master tape into their own studio, which had recently been upgraded to 4-track, Bill laid in a new drum part, which solidified the sound of the song. 

At that time, Jim Antonucci (Nippo) was preparing to put out a record by Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs (Death To Disco).  When Nippo heard the finished recording of Baby Don't Give Up, he decided right then that he wanted it to be the second release on his new Death Records.  Barry quickly wrote I Just Want To Make You Happy to be the 'B' side, and Barry and Bill recorded it along with Joe Schillace and Barry's brother, Ray Knoedl.


This is a rare copy of Baby Don't Give Up with black smeared through the red vinyl.

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