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As Barry & Bill were completing the Badbeats second single, they were also working on Barry's second single, and first for Beat Bad.  Could You Feel The Same was completed in November of 1980, and it was planned to pair it with All Night, a power ballad with Moog synthesizer.  The release was scheduled for April of 1981, but was postponed because of the special rush release of Palisades Park by Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs.  It was rescheduled for release in September of 1981, but now paired with Do It Right Away, a catchy pop tune Barry had written and began recording in November 1980.  The release was again put off so that we could release the records by John Sheridan, and Dwight Hobbes.  By 1982, Beat Bad Records was seeing its distribution sources drying up, and put a hold on any further releases.  Since this website began, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "Do we have any copies of Barry's Death Records single, and are there any other records by Barry?"  As of August 2008, we are making Barry's second single, Could You Feel The Same available on CD with both 'B' sides, All Night and Do It Right Away.  Click in any of the links with the titles of the songs on this page to go directly to the catalog page.

Bill & Barry in the studio in 1981

Although Bill had a creativity to rival Barry's, Barry had the technical knowledge and musical training that solidified their sound.  More than any other musical team, since Lennon and McCartney, Barry and Bill depended on each other for their sound.  It wasn't just a matter of one adding something to the other.  Barry and Bill would have been very different sounding artists had they never worked together.  They each were the greatest musical influences on each other.  They always worked songs out in the studio, and rarely had disagreements.  Coming from similar musical backgrounds, they always understood what the other wanted.  They worked together so seamlessly, that it would be difficult to attribute any one idea to one or the other.

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