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Catalog #1001






Bill Kern was a master songwriter, and these are two of his best songs from the New Wave era.  Bill was one of the founders of Beat Bad Records, and along with Barry Knoedl, the driving force behind the Badbeats.  This record was released as a double 'A' side.  In order to reinforce the idea that it was a double 'A' side, we put both songs on the 'A' side.  The other side of the record is blank.  Then it occurred to us that people would still assume that the first song was the intended 'A', so we made two versions with each song leading off.  Each version comes with a different color picture sleeve.  You're Not Coming Home (SP-1) is Red.  Don't Listen To Them (SP-2) is Blue.  Finally, we thought, as long as we were making two versions... Why not use different mixes on each?  The songs are from the same takes, but the mixes are so distinctly different, that you can tell which version you are hearing from the first note.  A unique release, and another Big Idea from Beat Bad Records.

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You're Not Coming Home (SP 1) - Audio Sample

Don't Listen To Them (SP 1) - Audio Sample

Don't Listen To Them (SP 2) - Audio Sample

You're Not Coming Home (SP 2) - Audio Sample








You're Not Coming Home   Bill Kern - drums, guitar, & lead vocals; Barry Knoedl - bass & fender rhodes; Ray Knoedl - Lead Guitar

Don't Listen To Them   Bill Kern - drums & lead vocals; Barry Knoedl - bass, percussion, & vocals; Ray Knoedl - Guitars

Produced By Bill & Barry

Copyright 1979 Beat Bad Records

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